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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Why should I register with Holydelights?

A. While you may access most of the functions on the portal as guest, we recommend you register with us to make the process faster and contextual. Once registered, You won’t have to spend time typing your details every time you need to contact our listed sellers. You will also get priority access to our Package deals by email, before anyone else.

Q. How do I register with Holydelights?

A. Please go to the Top-right corner of this page and click on 'SIGNUP'.

Q. How do I sign in to my account if I forget my password?

A. If you’ve forgotten your password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’, provide your email address and we’ll send you an email with instructions.

Q. How do I change my password?

A. Simply sign-in to your account and Go to My Profile > Account Settings. Click on ‘Change Password’ and reset your password.

Q. Is there any guidelines for password creation?

A. Passwords in general should be alphanumeric having a minimum length of 8 characters. It should have some special characters too. These should NOT have Names, DOB and other easily recognizable details. Users should avoid writing it!

Q. How do I edit my account information?

A. Sign in to your account. Go to ‘My Profile’ and change or add more details.

Q. Can I speak to someone in Customer Support?

A. Please reach us at our customer support number or write to us using the 'Contact Us' form.

Q. Can I avail services on if I am a non-resident Indian?

A. This question can be best answered after understanding your requirements. Please write to us detailing your requirements so that we can help you better.

Q. How many Package Deals can I select in the

A. There is no restriction on the number of Package Deals you may choose to your Favorites.

Q. Is there any timeline beyond which the records in

A. No, there is no timeline for removal. But in case the deal gets expired or stands withdrawn, then the deal will get automatically removed.

Q. I have mistakenly removed a Deal from my list, how can I get it back?

A. You are requested to go to the "Package Deal" functionality and add the Deal to "My Deals".

Q. Why some of my saved Deals are not showing up?

A. It is possible that some of your saved Deals may have expired or have been withdrawn! For the current deals, please go to the Package Deals functionality.

Q. Is it possible to compare between Deals?

A. No, compare functionality is not available at this point.

Q. I have found a mistake on the Holydelights site, what should I do?

A. Holydelights Team sincerely apologizes for any error and would request you to share the details of the error using the link: 'Report a Problem' . You can find the 'Report a Problem' link on the main page footer.

Q. What should I do if I suspect any unusual activity on my account?

A. In these situations, the following should happen: (a) Change the Password immediately from the Account Setting screen (b) Intimate Holydelights Team using the 'Contact Us' form or Phone (c) Holydelights Admin would do a thorough investigation and would share the findings

Q. Which browser should I use to access the website?

A. Our website is accessible on all commonly used browsers. Visit us on IE (version 9 or later), Mozilla Firefox (version 4.0 or later), Chrome, Safari (version 5.0 or later)

Q. Why am I getting an 'Invalid Certificate' warning?

A. uses latest SSL certificate which secures your online transactions. It is suggested that you update your existing version of your web browser. Please try using a different web browser or upgrade to the latest version of your favorite browser.

Q. Will my browser's privacy settings affect my visits on

A. has adapted to almost all levels of your browser's privacy settings, making your experience on the website hassle-free. If you are still facing an issue and doubt that this may be because of the browser's privacy settings, we recommend that you reset it to default.

Q. Does track using cookies?

A. No, we respect our users' privacy and do not track any personal information from your system. However, we do use session cookies when you log in to the Holydelights website. These cookies do not track any other personal information

Q. Why my files are taking too much time to load?

A. Upload speed is dependent on various factors including your internet connectivity, file size, hardware configurations... Please verify your internet connectivity and file size. In case everything looks fine, 'Cancel' the upload and try once again.

Q. Why am I still see outdated packages and offers on the website?

A. Holydelights is always introducing new Offers and Deals. But if you still see something that is well past its expiry date, we suggest you clear your browser cache to get rid of the outdated items.

Q. Why does the website seem slow?

A. Our team has already optimized the functioning of the website so that you may have an excellent browsing and buying experience. However, if you still feel that the website is a little slow, please check your internet connection or contact your Internet Service Provider.

Q. What are the different event dates I can find at the 'Event Calendar' search?

A. Holydelight caters to all Bengali family Events. You can find the list of events from look-up under the 'Event specific' Tab.

Q. Why are the dates available till April, 2017?

A. The dates are aligned to Bengali calendar (Panjika) which follows the Bengali Year starting and ending during mid-April.

Q. Why am I seeing different English dates for certain timings?

A. Bengali dates considers the day from sunrise to sunrise while the English (Gregorian) date changes past midnight. So for timings past mid-night, we have put the Gregorian dates so as to make it easier for everyone to follow the date and timings.

Q. How many Vendors can I select in the "My Vendor" panel?

A. There is no restriction on the number of Vendors you may include to your Favorites.

Q. Is there any timeline beyond which the records in

A. No, there is no timeline for removal.

Q. Why my saved Vendor in 'My Vendor' section is not showing up?

A. It is possible that for some reasons the Vendor may have been set to inactive by our Team due to some issues. We need to take such steps to ensure that you experience the Best customer services at all times.

Q. I have mistakenly removed a Vendor from my list, how can I get it back?

A. You are requested to go to the "Vendor Search" functionality and repeat the process of adding the Vendor to "My Vendor" section.

Q. Is it possible to compare between Vendors?

A. No, compare functionality is not available at this point.

Q. What happens to my information after I have shared?

A. Holydelights have strict Information security process and assures no information will be shared with any Third-party.

Q. What should be the optimum dimensions of my photo?

A. The minimum dimensions should be: 200px X 200px. Also note increased dimension can increase the size of your file. The main purpose of your photos would be to showcase your business beautifully

Q. I am not finding the option to load videos!

A. Holydelights portal presently allows for uploading photos only. Once this facility is available, we would inform all our partners about it.

Q. Can I upload photos using mobile phone?

A. Yes, please use the same navigation (as desktop) on the mobile and try uploading. Pls Note: It is advisable to use a WiFi/3G/4G connection when uploading.

Q. Why should I enter my Event details in this screen?

A. Detailed information about your Event enables our Team to quickly provide you the most relevant set information without any obligation.

Q. How many months or weeks in advance, should the Event details be entered?

A. It is advisable to enter your event details as soon as you are aware of the same. This allows you for more choices at better terms.

Q. Would I be able to modify my Event after I have created it?

A. Yes, it is possible to modify your event after it's created.

Q. Can I enter multiple events?

A. Yes. You may create multiple events.

Q. I have not done anything to my event, but still I am finding it under the 'Completed' Event?

A. If your event date goes into past, it will automatically appear under 'Completed' Event section.

Q. What happens after I delete my Event?

A. After an Event is deleted, it will appear under 'Cancelled' Event

Q. I have mistakenly deleted my event, can I restore it back?

A. No, you would require to recreate the event.

Q. Is there any restriction to editing Event details?

A. There is no restriction to editing your event. However modification to your event is restricted 3 days prior to the scheduled date of the event.

Q. When will the Relationship Manager be assigned to my event?

A. Once your Event is created, our representative would call you to understand your requirements and assign the Relationship Manager accordingly.

Q. Does 'My Mailbox' functionality supports all mailing needs?

A. 'My Mailbox' functionality primarily works as your mail notification repository. In other words all communications that had been sent to the Sellers and Holydelights Team can be found here. You may also send notifications to Admin using the compose functionality.

Q. Can I reply to a message appearing in my Inbox?

A. Yes

Q. Is it mandatory to upload my profile photo?

A. No. Profile photo is not a mandatory field!

Q. Why should I enter details about my family members?

A. We encourage you to share details about your family and friends to so as to enable us to share relevant information with you.

Q. How many member details, can I create against Friends & Family section?

A. Six entries can be created.

Q. Why can't I update my Primary Email?

A. Primary email is used as a unique identifier within the system. Also many sensitive information (including Password details) gets shared on this email id.

Q. Is it possible to skip some fields if I am not comfortable providing certain details?

A. Certainly! As long as the field under question is not a mandatory field, you can always skip or fill it later.

Q. My event is undecided, should I still have to provide the Event date?

A. It is advisable to provide a tentative Event date and also select 'My Dates are Flexible'. This would enable you to get the best dates.

Q. I am not able to view my Profile photo, I have just uploaded?

A. Please click on the 'Crop' button. Using the the + / - Button, align the image and select the 'Crop' button for the final outcome.

Q. Is there any restriction to the number of guests that can be entered?

A. Based on the Event Type entered, there is a preset limit which gets displayed when entering that field.

Q. Why do I need to share my Mobile#?

A. This is to make sure that your requirements gets fully captured when sharing our report.

Q. What does 'Event outlook scale' indicates?

A. Event Outlook scale stands for level of execution. Our representative would be happy to explain you the details covered under each level. Please contact us.

Q. Why the 'Event outlook scale' of 1 to 7 is not available for all the events?

A. The 'Event Outlook' scale is dynamic and is related to your selected Event and Venue Type chosen.

Q. Will my actual event price lie within the displayed range?

A. In most cases it will. However in case you require some changes to our standard offerrings, estimates might get revised.

Q. Will my estimations get saved somewhere?

A. Yes. Once you log into the portal, you would be able to find your entered information under 'My Events' section.

Q. Do I need to contact Holydelights after getting the Estimates?

A. Yes, Holydelights Team, can provide you the Best quotes and interesting Cashback options.

Q. What is eCash?

A. ECash is virtual currency and can be used against transactions on Holydelights. You can also earn eCash for transactions you make with Holydelights. 1 eCash = 1 INR

Q. What is the validity of Holydelights eCash?

A. Holydelights eCash is non-expiring and can be used anytime.

Q. Can I transfer my eCash to another user?

A. No, your eCash balance is specific to your account and is non-transferrable.

Q. Can I withdraw my eCash as cash?

A. No, this eCash is a virtual currency and can be considered as customer loyalty point!

Q. How can I redeem this eCash?

A. This eCash is redeemable for all service requests with Holydelights (including Deals) You can redeem upto a max of 5% of the pre-tax transaction value.

Q. How can I check my eCash Balance?

A. Please log into holydelights and go to "My Profile" and you would find your eCash balance.

Q. Is there any restriction to using eCash?

A. There are no restrictions to using your earned eCash. You can use it from the very moment you have received it. You may redeem upto a max of 5% of the pre-tax transaction value. You can redeem up to a max of 5% of the pre-tax transaction value.

Q. I have not received my eCash for my Transaction?

A. Pls allow, upto 7 days for eCash credit. In the unlikely event, if it is taking more time, please contact the Customer care.

Q. What happen to my eCash in case my Transaction is cancelled?

A. In case of cancellation of transaction, your earned eCash would be reversed. In case you had redeemed eCash for that transaction, it will be credited back to you. The entire process would need upto 14 working days.

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