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Plan a Fun D-day with Indian Wedding Planner in Kolkata

Author: holydelights \ Sep 20,2018 \ 0 Comments

For those who have been pulling their hair apart, planning their upcoming D-days, here’s some great news! With help of the best Indian wedding planner, we have queued up some tips and tricks to turn your nuptial into a fun-filled celebration. Look below to know more about these useful strategies –

Let everyone groove with amazing music:-

Any celebration, including a big-fat Indian nuptial is incomplete without music. After all, we reside in a country that is fond of “band baaja”! As per the best of event management companies in Kolkata, the contemporary Bollywood music would be the ideal bet, when it comes to choosing the right music to double up the ecstasy of your D-day celebration. If you are reluctant to hire a professional DJ to rock your wedding bash, then you can opt for any local music band to set the mood of the party. The live music bands can add the required sass to your wedding celebration as well.

How about spinning a romantic tale?

Ever wondered why almost every guest dresses up absolutely prim and proper at weddings? It’s partly because your D-day bash could be an ideal meeting ground for your bachelor and spinster friends/relatives to build romantic connections. A wedding always creates an atmosphere of anticipation for those single guests who are absolutely ready to mingle. You may ask your Indian wedding planner to arrange for a famous fortune teller for reading the future of your invitees at your nuptial. Let’s admit the truth that we all love to peep into our future via fortune telling or astrology. Given this, the presence of a fortune teller at your wedding will definitely earn those extra brownie points.

best destination wedding planner

You could add a little dose of fun to your D-day bash by inviting the popular caricature artists at your function. Another brilliant idea, which could earn a great deal of appreciation, would be renting a photo booth. Besides capturing the beautiful moments of your D-day, your invitees can take the snaps home as souvenirs. Photo booths are always fun as your invitees can experiment with their poses by acting a little wacky or funny inside the photo booth. They can also communicate with other guests at your wedding, too. These options can make your D-day fun-filled and unique without the need to break your wallet.

Destination weddings are in vogue:-

best destination wedding planner

According to the best event management companies in Kolkata, destination weddings are in vogue, because they can help you turn your nuptial into a fairy tale D-day bash. You may count on the event-themed destination wedding to rev up the fun quotient of your marriage celebration. Many people are scared of opting for a destination wedding, because they presume their stipulated budget might butcher their dreams in this matter. The Kolkata-based event planners can help you arrange your nuptial within your budget. Be it for a simple beach wedding or a regal D-day bash at a stunning hilly area, the event planners in Kolkata are always ready to give wings to your dream.

memorable event_themes

So, what are you waiting for? Opt for the best of wedding and event management services in the City of Joy and turn your D-day into the talk of the town.


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