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The must haves in a Bengali destination wedding

Author: holydelights \ May 14,2018 \ 0 Comments

Summary: Destination wedding requires not just thorough planning but timely execution too. Particularly so for Bengali weddings where we often find contemporary practices get mixed with traditions. This calls for not just a detailed setup, but also a proper check list and re-check list. There are some must-haves that this article talks about.

Get them checked and keep them handy for the D-day. Do not forget to like us if it works.

Indian wedding itself is a lengthy affair , when it comes to destination wedding, the preparations seem never-ending. The D-Day has so many things to get perfect on time, that missing out even  one, can lead to a big messup. No one wants an imperfect wedding and unnecessary drama. So, just in case the couple is looking forward to a fairytale destination wedding, they must remember that it is all the hassles of a normal wedding plus more. To be honest, the list of the must-haves tends to increase and goes as long as river Nile. Yes, even if it is handled by a professional destination wedding planner. In any Bengali wedding, even if the list gets longer, the work gets systematically done usually by any professional or well-known event organizers in Kolkata. Wondering how to get it done like a pro? Best is to hire one and keep the must-have check-list handy. There are few tips offered in this article and the rest is about the skill of the destination wedding planner.

A Beautiful Couple Speech

destination wedding

This is all one needs to make the guests drench in emotions of a Bengali wedding. As Bengalis are rich in culture and literature, there are ample scope to read a romantic Tagore verse or sing a filmy Bengali song. The beautiful destination can’t get more romantic if the couple delivers the speech in an open podium with the guests surrounding them. One can always ask the destination wedding planner to arrange the set up with a touch of eternal love. To make it more personal and engaging for the guests, the host team can always ask the guests to utter a few words. Yes, it might bring in a touch of Christian weddings, but adopting something unique can always make it memorable. One can always skip the emotional part and end on a funny note before everyone gets back to the city.

Check in with the wedding brigade

best destination wedding planner

Whether it’s the elderly guests or the forgetful cousins, the couple must check on every guest and their travelling arrangements. Just inviting them to the venue and the date mentioned won’t be enough. Ask one of the best event organizers in Kolkata to assist with the wedding arrangements. The best ones are always ready to go the extra mile to make the entire event flow smoothly from start to finish. Don’t hesitate to ask them to check every guest with their tickets and remind them the dates and the place as well.

Do not miss out the local appointments

Starting from the wedding benarasi and the blouse fit to the lehenga trial in case one chooses to wear it! Remember to get these done much before the travelling date. Don’t forget the makeup artists. Book prior and remind them the dates to avoid last moment mishaps. Always remember, the last destination chosen might have a different climatic condition and the makeup must suit that. Seek help from the destination wedding planners to update the makeup team in order to be prepared likewise. Any backups or emergency things the bride might need should be packed much before the day of travel because the destination chosen might not have everything available right when one needs. So, better be safe than sorry.

Documents? Double Check: From the resort booking to the train/flight tickets, everywhere the wedding party will require documents to show. Be extra careful and keep them handy. Set a reminder for the couple and their family members as well, if required. That can also be sorted out if one chooses any of the top event organizers in Kolkata. Especially, when the payments have to be done to different vendors, the professional destination wedding planner comes as a saviour. They do the entire monetary dealings with proper planning.

Talk to the photographer

destination wedding

The albums are the most precious wedding memories for the couples and the guests as well. So, do not forget the contribution of the photographers and make sure the photographer is briefed well. Bengali wedding nowadays is all about capturing candid moments of the bride, groom, and the guests. The best photographers working with the top event organizers in Kolkata will always plan the shoot according to the climatic conditions, which is, of course, a second priority after the couple’s choice. The venue and date updates must never miss out in case of Bengali destination weddings.

Pack the gadgets

destination wedding

This will be a big job for those who are arranging all by themselves, without a professional help. A Bengali wedding just doesn’t require a gorgeous bride, altaa and sindoor, but also involves some modern sets of gadgets as well. Starting from a high-end camera, lenses, and music boxes to the laptops, and the converters, modern Bengali weddings are no less than a mini gadget extravaganza. So get all things ready well before the wedding brigade heads to the destination. To spare the embarrassment, always keep the gadgets charged and checked, much before the final day.  Best is to let the professionals take charge of this entire thing. Appoint a destination wedding planner and see how the guests get the best entertainment on the wedding day.

memorable event_themes

Author’s Bio: The author is a reputed event organizer in Kolkata and has an experience in this field for more than 7 years. He has worked for many destination and in-town weddings with different themes. Putting in the best effort and the proper attention, his team has gained immense popularity in the event management industry.


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