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Holydelights – Making your dream wedding turn into a reality – Wedding at Baidyabati

Author: holydelights \ Feb 23,2018 \ 0 Comments

The time when your love needs a grand celebration, is the time you need Holydelights. Just a few months ago, on a beautiful day, Holydelights united two hearts and their family with a perfect contemporary style wedding. On November 24th, 2017 we planned, ideated, and executed a beautiful wedding at Baidyabati located in suburban Kolkata. Being one of the most popular Indian wedding planners,

Holydelights was trusted with an end-2-end service

From the beginning of the planning session to bidding good bye to the guests, Holydelights was an integral part of the entire wedding. Like any other in-town or destination wedding planner, it was a great opportunity for Holydelights to showcase their capability. They were looking out for an all-in-one Indian wedding planner for that occasion. So, we took the responsibility of decoration, catering, and various other services like photography, arranging purohit, and makeup.

The best part of the location we selected was its scenic appeal and the serenity of the river-side destination. Being such an amazing ambience already, the decoration was nothing less than a fairy tale setting. Contemporary designs, modern flower decoration themes, and beautiful colours were improvised. The entire décor reflected a whole sky with multiple rainbows. Though they were not looking for any destination wedding planner, the entire location and the décor was nothing less than a river-side destination wedding. Holydelights decorated a mandap by the side of river Hooghly, which looked as charming as the bride herself. The backdrop of Hooghly River behind the seating area made the couple and even the guests go romantic. The entrance area, the passage, and the pool side also had the touch of gorgeousness. The entire decoration with beautiful flowers and the sparkling lights reflected the taste of the host and a true Indian wedding planner as well.

Holydelights arranged a warm welcome for near about 220 guests at the gorgeous wedding. In order to make the guests feel comfortable, we arranged a mocktail bar with 22 types of exciting international drinks. Along with the same, there was also a wide range of starters and chats at the food stalls. In addition to these, the guests were welcomed with flowers, a forgotten tradition of Indian wedding planners. The food selection for the menu was done by Holydelights with some special preferences by the host. The menu was the traditional Bengali delicacies served with love.

Indian wedding planners

The best outcome of any event is the positive feedback of the guests. Holydelights received numerous  positive remarks and great admiration for the work. The foods were appreciated, the gesture was loved, and the décor was stated to be mesmerising by the guests and the couple’s families as well. The budget conscious customer was quite happy and completely satisfied with our contributions. The decoration and the ambience along with it were most praised among many others. Though it was not a destination wedding, our superb skills as a successful destination wedding planner were also appreciated.

Just not the guests and the customer, the event was also a memorable one for Holydelights as well.


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