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Stressed at the Thought of Conducting your Own Social Event? Help is at Hand!

Author: holydelights \ Sep 3,2016 \ 0 Comments

“Oops, invitation card design is yet not finalized!”

“Gosh, I forgot to call up the caterer today.”

“What the heck! Tomorrow is the function and stage arrangement hasn’t begun?”

Do these lines sound familiar to you? Yes they definitely do, and particularly so if you have lately managed a social event – yourself! Perceive the scenario when everyone around was excited about the function and you just kept hoping all goes fine! “Whoa, not again!” is what you naturally murmur.

Anticipating another event, you want better ways this time and that’s when a friend peeps in with advice – scroll the prospective ONLINE WORLD! Eagerly, you Google your way and land up some really ‘amazing resources’ that are either vendors who manage events or websites that introduce you to the event management contractors. Overwhelmed, you settle down on some professional ones and are about to pay a cost for their service, but STOP! You can be wasting your money because one of the following is likely:


  • This ‘amazing resource, hands you an oversized list of vendors making your job even tougher.
  • Most of these event vendors are unfamiliar to you and many of them seem “entrants” – somebody you won’t want to “bet” your time and money on!
  • You are flooded with information about banquets but get no idea which one suits your event!
  • There is nobody to hint you on the ideal event dates, neither is any advice on budget management.
  • All you can see is a website with automated tools – leaving all the hard work to yourself.

Old hat technique, isn’t that?

In an outgrown online space and the extended event industry, it is rather difficult to find reliable, realistic sources. But with some expert tips up your sleeve and a better understanding of your event management prerequisites, you can not only squeeze your search but also acquire right prospects and some great savings, in time! Here is valuable advice:

  • You don’t need a website that exhibits a list of 30000 wedding vendors with as many florists, catering agencies, decorators, banquets, and their best deals; you need a bit of hand-holding, few select but experienced vendors who are proficient with end to end event planning and execution!
  • You don’t need automated junk of vendor referrals, fetched out of a database with little to no human intervention; you need expert consultation for end to end event planning.
  • You don’t need a website that offers ‘cooked’ solutions and lets the computer work for you; you need a website that promises services – customized to your individual event management needs and has real time answers to your queries.
  • You don’t need sophisticated online tools with a robotic wedding planner; you need a person who matches your requirement with best marriage dates available.

Amid a bunch of web portals offering event management services and proclaiming to be the best wedding planning in kolkata, there is one like Holydelights – with a customer-friendly approach and out of the box thinking. Eventually it is for you to decide why, but yes, you got crisp reasons to underline why Holydelights takes your experience far ahead of the rest!

Some pointers that go in favour of Holydelights are worth a view:

  • Here is a portal which tailors events to your needs. Right from vendor selection to finalizing best marriage dates or event dates, they got people with valuable advice – and it’s free!
  • The second layer surprise unfolds in the form of consultation. It introduces you to immense possibilities, all up to surprise you with best deals and great savings.
  • Holydelights’ rep assists you in vendor finalization however you can directly interact with the vendors and negotiate with them.
  • You can even outsource entire event to the agency. Holydelights loves to delight customers with incredible yet affordable end to end event management.

Precisely speaking, help is at hand! Why take up the painstaking, stressful way?


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