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5 Tips about giving your Social Event a
Unique Touch without Burning a Hole in your Pocket

Author: holydelights \ Sep 7,2016 \ 0 Comments

Catering budget! Hall booking advance!! Decoration expenditure!!! All these are the first things, we are compelled to mull over whenever a social event is around. At this crucial juncture, we feel the constraint and try figuring out ways to cut down expenses here and there to keep the event expenditure within limits. Wouldn’t it be wiser if we already had some smart tips to ensure our functions stay well on track and does not burn a hole in our pocket?


Accept now – your case is no different than this. You can go through the same trauma when you are host to a social event some day. On a soothing note, you can always apply some practical tips and conduct a budget-friendly social event. This post familiarizes you with tips to make your event stand out, without having to break the bank locker!

1. Event does not necessarily be Lavish: Most people today cannot take lavishness or extravagance out of an event and their definition of lavishness is a hefty expenditure. Interestingly, it is not about lavishness but elegance – which can be encompassed in a budget-friendly social event too.

You can take it as a million-dollar tip! Right from the assortment of food items to the volume of decoration and size of event hall, identifing everything that is in excess. Evade it and you are well off to a decently unique event!

2. Strike a package deal: While it is always tempting to go online and look affordable offers for every category like interiors, catering, hall, etc so as to save big money, the idea seems passé. Can you underestimate time? No, and it is scarce!

The ‘easier’ sounding option can be ‘lengthier’ and hectic too as you will have to yourself plunge into the ocean. Contrastingly, it would be simpler and smarter to have a package deal. Most event managers do it and they can even show you, with realistic figures, how much you are saving on the event.

3. Plan your event off-season: Well, here is an interesting tip. A lot of event venues are out of business during the “non-Muhurta” dates – for wedding, thread ceremony, etc rituals. Naturally, they offer incredible discounts during this period. Particularly when it’s not a wedding or event reliant of auspicious dates, you can benefit from it.

Also, you can look for the unpopular dates and days when most people are unlikely to conduct functions; get the cost advantage!

4. Go online, go green: The outgrown online world becomes the real ‘benefactor’ for you! Regardless of the size of your event, you can save a considerable cost on printed invitation cards, and not to forget, on their postage, using the online sources available.

Utilizing the online options available by way of email, messenger and social media to send your invitation; and don’t forget, you can design your invitation card yourself – online!

5. Stick to Prudent Catering: Events need not be a ‘food-festival’. It is seen that functions profusely offering an unending range also end up with a lot of food wastage! Instead of comprising an overload of tangy delicacies, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, in your event, you can stick to something moderate season-specific and healthy.

Your approach may not strike uniqueness and innovation but will definitely fulfil the taste buds!

Holydelights is an ideal place to get event-centric package deals and befitting dates for your event. This one-stop event portal has the right expertise and resources to make every event, distinct and it does so without burning a hole in your pocket, right on your budget!


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