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8 mistakes to avoid for a perfect Birthday bash!!

Author: holydelights \ Jul 11,2018 \ 0 Comments

Birthday parties can get messy if not planned well. Just in case one is looking for a perfect Birthday bash, the person must make sure that these common mistakes are avoided. In this article, there are few such common blunders explained and the solution is also provided.

Keep these in mind and Happy Birthday on our behalf.

The loved ones often lose their sleep over how to plan a perfect birthday party. If it is the birthday of a kid then the intricate details have to be kept in mind while you are planning a complete bash. Any top wedding planner in Kolkata is not limited to a single event but is also an expert in planning and executing great birthday bashes. For the flawless execution, it is the smartest idea to appoint one of the event planners in India. With their professionalism and expertise, they can come as a savior for your big birthday bash. Whether it is for a kid, or a teenager, or maybe an adult. We all want to see happy faces at a birthday party but few mistakes can make these occasions a sad one. In order to have a flawless event, we have come up with few mistakes that people commits and also help you with the solution as well. Apart from appointing one of the best event planners in India, you can also keep these in mind and yes, we have your back.

No nap time for kids – For the kids, napping is essential because that helps them to re-energize themselves. So, before their birthday bash starts, let them take a peaceful nap. Once they are full of energy, there is no cranky mood and watch the little angels enjoy double than usual. On a birthday party day, it might seem to the parents that napping can be skipped but this is a wrong idea. Even if the kids want to nap while the party is going on, keep a dedicated place for them to rest. The best wedding planner in Kolkata is quite familiar with the birthday parties and their special requirements. So you can ask any of them to take care of the resting place.

Incomplete Invitation – This is something most parents make for their kid’s birthday bash. Nowadays, elaborate information on the invitation card is the trend. With the most personal approach and as many details as possible, make the invitation a complete guide regarding the birthday bash. Be extra careful about the date, venue, time, and the theme of the party. Do not forget to provide the costumes the kids need to wear. A single skip out of mind can cause a big blunder. Ask any of the skilled event planners in India to help you out with this.

Forgetting detailed data gathering – Whenever you are inviting kids to a party, do not forget to take care of their small details. Gather verified data about every kid and what they are allergic to (if any). Most of the time, kids are not conscious and swallow those foods they are medically restricted to. That might result in a troubling situation. Once you are aware of the allergies and restrictions, it is always easy to coordinate with the event planner. Any top wedding planner in Kolkata is an expert in kid- coordination. So, hand over the information to those who will be in charge of the birthday bash.

Planning on a weekday – It is never a suggestion to plan a kid’s birthday bash on weekdays. Kids get tired after their school and completing their assignments. Make sure they come to the birthday bash with a fresh mind. This is possible only if the party is held on a holiday. Fix a date likewise and ask one of the best event planners in India to get a venue booked prior to that date as the rush is most on the weekends and holidays.

Not including enough fun elements – Birthday parties have to be full of jumping, running, playing, and enjoying the heart out. Whether it is of a kid or a teenager, make sure there are enough entertainments like music player, dance floor, balloon burst games, bubble games, and many more. These help the kids get along with each other and make the party a bash in a true sense. The best wedding planner in Kolkata is great at arranging such games for the kids as well. Seek help from them if required.

Not checking weather forecast – This mistake is commonly made by most of the parents. Kids will, of course, wish to go outside and play and if it’s raining, their entire mood can get spoiled. If it is already an outdoor party then checking the forecast becomes necessary. Do not think twice before asking any of the event planners in India to help out with this.

Serving messy foods – Any party that involves too many activities must not have messy foods. Particularly in case of kids’ birthday parties, messy foods can spoil not just the house, furnishings or their clothes but the mood as well. Make sure, you provide enough tissues and try to serve dry food. Any popular wedding planner in Kolkata can arrange for dedicated staffs to clear the mess. Ask them to help you on the birthday with such a solution.

No return gifts – Who doesn’t like a gift! And if it is about the kids, they get overjoyed beyond limits. Nowadays, kids are presented with return gifts on the birthday parties. So, they tend to expect it from every birthday party they attend. Do not dishearten them! Whatever your budget might be, plan a return gift for every kid who comes to the bash. For creating more attraction and excitement, ask any of the top event planners in India to pack the return gifts in a unique way.

You do not need much to organize a crazy and perfect birthday bash. Just some smart planning and a professional assistance will be more than enough. Keep these points in mind in order to avoid the silly mistakes. Getting just a dedicated birthday planner is difficult. So, appoint the best wedding planner in Kolkata and leave the rest on them. You just pamper the birthday kid and shout out surprise, aloud!


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