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Secrets to great wedding photography

Author: holydelights \ Jun 19,2018 \ 0 Comments

Summary: Who doesn’t love to get clicked! When it is a wedding, the click craze gets to its heights. Beautiful dresses, gorgeous makeup, and the smiling faces make the photographers go clicking from the day till the night. Though it is the photographers’ job to get the perfect shots but those in front of the camera must also be picture ready with these few expert tips. Keep these tips handy and you can always thank us later.

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Secrets great wedding photography

A wedding is the lengthiest event for us – the Indians. Whether it is the big fat wedding or the simple budget wedding, every event requires an amazing photographer who can even make the rock pose. The top wedding planners in Kolkata deal with such photographers who make the pictures look magical. On the wedding day when all are busy with load of works, these magicians create wonders through their lenses. The popular event organizers in Kolkata have their own set of photographers who can make your wedding album look like a fairy tale book from the childhood. To be honest, these professionals do the entire planning and execution for memorable shots on your D-day but you have to be prepared too. Here are few tips that can help you support your photographer to get the best clicks on the wedding day.

Smile when the Sun sets

One has always wondered that how these pictures look so dreamy and full of glow! The answer is as simple and clear as a sunset. Ask the photographers working with any of the event organizers in Kolkata to hold the shoot at the time of the sunset. During that time of the day, the sun is low enough to create that golden hue, mild shadows, and some beautiful flares. With that work of nature, you will need the least to work on. So, get ready when the sun is about to set and let the wedding album put the golden glow in your love story.

Choose Nature; Go Natural

When in doubt, just choose your natural self. It is always best to make nature your best friend when it comes to getting the best clicks. Ask your spouse to accompany you to the nearby park or woods. Get the photographer, working with the top wedding planners in Kolkata to click the moments amidst nature. Now comes the posing. Pose as natural as possible. Smile like you do, express just as your eyes speak, and find the magic happen…Oh so naturally!

Get the makeup and hair perfect

The photographer is the magician for sure but the professional makeup artist and the hair stylist are those who will set the stage. If you were thinking of getting dressed all by yourself before the pre-wedding or wedding shoot, then ban the plan. You need someone who will understand what will look best on photographs. One thing is sure that you will get these professionals ready when you appoint any of the popular event organizers in Kolkata. Even if you are getting professional help, make sure you get photo ready makeup. Too loud or too dull won’t serve the purpose. It might lead you to a stack of bad pictures.

Do not hand over a shot list

It is always better to go with the flow rather than listing down what to shoot and what not to. Don’t bind your photographer into a scheduled time or number of photographs. Let the photographers, working with the top wedding planners in Kolkata play the card and build the setting. You just get in the mood to pose like a celebrity.

Trust their instincts

The photographers who are working with the best event organizers in Kolkata are experts in choosing what’s right and what’s not. Trust their expertise and you will never fail to look like any less than a supermodel. If the photographer asks you to carry an umbrella, do not question his decision. It might not be because of the upcoming rain but might be for creating the best shading effect. You never know what surprise you get when you find yourself looking no less than a Diva. For e.g. you might get surprised to find out an old piece of furniture as a backdrop. But instead of questioning, you have to trust the photographers’ expert eyes. That might create the best vintage effect to your wedding photographs.

Set the background, create the scene, and get ready to smile broader than ever. Your natural glow can’t be replaced by anything else. So be yourself and keep these tips handy before you go for a wedding photo shoot. For the candid one, just appoint the best photographers, working with the top wedding planners in Kolkata.


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