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10 Eye-catching ideas for your ceremony backdrop

Author: holydelights \ Feb 1,2018 \ 0 Comments

Great wedding set up requires eye-catching backdrop. The dazzling dresses or even the beautiful décor do not count if the backdrop is not gorgeous enough, in fact the entire ceremony might look dull! So here are few ideas that can make the wedding backdrop go gorgeous! wedding planner kolkata.

A standout amongst the most imperative parts of an Indian wedding is the inside stage. This zone gets the greatest consideration as the lady of the hour comes and makes her appearance more charming. Any wedding planner in Kolkata makes this backdrop the greatest highlight. The inside stage is seen in the majority of the photos of any wedding collection. Subsequently, in the event that one needs to make an impression on the guests’ minds, one should give careful consideration to this region. Most of the biggest event planners in India believe in making the backdrop look gorgeous and if the trend is considered it is actually one of the topmost trends. Here is a brief of the most recent stage foundation stylistic theme patterns, which a wedding planner in Kolkata may consider for weddings to make the photographs stand out from the rest.

  1. Lights and blossom

No wedding stylistic layout feels complete without a blend of light strings and new blossoms. As considered by most of the popular event planners in India, the collaboration of these two components makes an ideal foundation for the middle stage. Right off the bat, get the whole stage secured with delicate hued blinds. Afterward, essentially include a series of lights and some wonderful blossoms to give an astonishing bubbly look to the stage.

  1. Brilliant hangings and curtains

Another fantastic mix is that of brilliant hangings and blinds. A foundation of glossy silk wraps alongside strings of brilliant hangings or precious stones influence a motion picture. The wedding planner in Kolkata might use it to bring sentimental scenery for the big day. The curtains can be of any shade while the glossy precious stones simply add more vitality to the earth of festivities.

  1. Glossy silk wraps

wedding planner kolkata

On the other hand, toning it down would be ideal and this style is perfect for one’s wedding stage. Any of the top event planners in India will always prefer such straightforward wrap of silk drapery over the middle stage. Every wedding planner in Kolkata agrees that it looks tasteful and exquisite. One can either pick silvery white curtains or match them according to the style topic. Whatever be the decision of shading, silk wraps include the ideal touch of panache to one’s wedding topic.

  1. White and gold

Another basic yet rich approach to dress the foundation of a wedding stage is with white and gold window hangings. When short of ideas, the event planners in India look for this backdrop to get an instant effect. This blend looks rich and tasteful and runs well with the merry inclinations like a wedding.

  1. Imperial foundation

Nothing characterizes an Indian wedding superior to the shade of gold. Make an exemplary focal point, setting with simulated columns and curves of this imperial shading. The set up won’t just look incredible but will make the photographs look gorgeous. When used by the wedding planner in Kolkata, the imperial feeling appreciated by the couple and their accomplice will obviously be an additionally preferred standpoint.

  1. Red and gold

Red is the shade of affection and gold is for success. Both the hues are of awesome significance in Indian culture for a cheerful marriage. Therefore, the event planners in India use this combination deliberately. Also, these hues make a staggering background for the inside stage. A wrap in red and gold will give an illustrious vibe. One can simply include blossoms for a fancier look.

  1. White and pink

Let the everlasting mix of pink and white spell out its enchantment on one’s wedding stage. Curtains of pink glossy silk alongside white make a relieving background. One can likewise have draperies of only one of these hues, and to that, some intriguing props, for example, window sheets, paisleys, and so on. Ask the wedding planner in Kolkata to add blossoms to these window hangings for an additional measure of adoration, and one has the ideal wedding stage.

  1. Magnificent white

For a magical and tasteful feel, one can go for all-white scenery. A totally white foundation with white columns and blooms will give the whole space an elegant look. It will influence the vivid pieces of clothing of the lady of the hour and prepare to emerge her from the aisle.

  1. Pastel shades

For a more attention grabbing setup, one can consolidate glossy silk window ornaments of two unique hues together with blossoms. According to the best event planners in India, the mix of shades of window hangings makes an intriguing foundation. What’s more, the brilliant blossom bundles include the official component of sentiment and enthusiasm for the whole stylistic theme.

  1. Blossoms and glossy silk

For a more sensational set up, one can decide on a blend of blossoms and glossy silk. Silk gives the whole stage a captivating vibe while new blossoms include a sentimental touch. The two can be assembled in intriguing plans to give the place a tall tale like feel.

Author’s Bio: The author himself is a reputed wedding planner in Kolkata and has an experience in this field for as long as 11 years. He has worked for various weddings with detailed attention. The decorators working with his team is a bunch of awesome and creative people with great expertise.


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